Attracting Pollinators

There is no denying the importance of pollinators. Quite simply, without it there would be no fruit. You can help both your own garden and your community by planting to attract pollinators.

pollinator gardens brown dirt

What exactly is pollinaton?  When pollen is transferred from flower to flower, it causes fertilization, which leads to fruit and seed production. Without successful pollination many plants can’t produce.

The main pollinators are the wind, bees, butterflies, moths and beetles.

Pollinating animals are currently in crisis.  They have experienced disease, pesticide misuse, pathogens, loss of habitat, and Colony Collapse Disorder.Brown Dirt Edible Landscape Design and Consultation Pollination

I’ll evaluate your site (residence or business) and come up with a plan to start attracting pollinators to your space. Pollinator gardens are an invaluable component to edible garden and easy to incorporate.

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