Raising Backyard Chickens

Brown Dirt Edible Landscape Design and Consultation Chickens Interested in raising chickens in your own backyard? The City of Seattle code now allows for 8 chickens per city lot. Chickens can play an incredible role in your urban garden. They provide you with rich source of backyard protein and you can compost all their outputs to increase the fertility and health of your garden and grow more food!

Brown Dirt Edible Landscape Design and Consultation ChickensOnce you make the decision to raise chickens you are faced with a lot of questions.  Breed? How many? Chicks or pullets? Coop selection? Coop location and requirements?  Free range or enclosed run?  Feed?

I will consult with you through the process and help you get set up in a way that leaves you with the confidence of a seasoned urban chicken keeper.

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