Why Grow Your Own Food?

Why edible gardens? Why should I bother? Can’t you just get it at the store?  

Sure, of course you can. But the reasons to grow your own are limitless. Here are a few!

Taste– Freshly picked organically grown food just tastes better. Period. There just is no comparison.

Environment– Reduce carbon footprint, no packaging, or food miles.

Economic– Picking produce from your own garden is not only convenient, but offers incredible savings. For example, organic lettuce $2-3 for one head at the store. But a packet of organic lettuce seeds (which will keep you in lettuce for a few years!) will only cost you about $3!

Cultural–  Many foods are important to different cultures, yet are unavailable in local stores. Growing your own can give you the opportunity to have culturally important food stuffs at your doorstep or to try new plants that you might not have had.

Convenience– It doesn’t get any more convenient than walking into your garden or walking out on your balcony to harvest something for your meal!

What is in your food?– Do you really know what has been in the soil your food was grown in? Or what was sprayed on it (intentionally or by drift)?  Only by growing your own can you be assured of what has gone into your food.

Fun– Yes, gardening is fun!   Growing your own food is incredibly empowering.

Food Security– No matter what your belief system, these are uncertain times. Access to clean, affordable, and sustainable food is not a given. Growing some of your own food leaves you less dependent on global food systems, transnational corporations, and more in touch with your local community.

Reconnection to the Earth– Working with your soil, insects, plants, water, and weather you develop a connection to the Earth that might have been lost.

Children– Most children love to garden! As a bonus they usually like to eat what they have helped to grow. Learning where food comes from early is invaluable.Gardening is a perfect delivery system for age-appropriate learning. Math and science are used, as well as artistic development, direction following, nature appreciation, and planning skills.