Why Raise Chickens?

  • Food security: There are many problems with factory produced eggs- from disease transmission, animal treatment, and health of the product. Having your own chickens means piece of mind knowing where your eggs come from, what the chickens have eaten, and how the chickens have been treated.
  • Fresh eggs: A freshly laid egg doesn’t even begin to compare to store bought eggs, including organic free range purchased eggs.  The yolks are dark, rich yellow, the whites “stand up” and are not runny.  The eggs are healthier too having less cholesterol and saturated fat, and more vitamin D, beta-carotene and omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Pets:  They are endlessly entertaining and full of personality.
  • Compost: They provide copious amounts of nitrogen rich droppings to turn into rich, free compost.
  • Weeds: They love to eat weeds. And in will in turn give you more compost material for your edible/ornamental beds.
  • Tilling:  If they are kept contained to a particular area they will dig up soil and fertilize all without you needing to shovel!
  • Pest Control:  They eat slugs and bugs!

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